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Software Depot Online’s software products have been acclaimed by experts and industry professionals. Products and solutions have been built on latest technologies, and are available from our partners worldwide. Partners are an important component of the Software Depot Online business model. At Software Depot Online, partners work with us to deliver high-quality products and services. Partnering with innovative technology companies and resellers allows us to ensure our products are best in class and have the reach necessary to meet global demands. The Software Depot Online reseller program is comprised of companies with expertise in technology and product distribution.

Become an Authorized Reseller
Software Depot Online currently works with a variety of software resellers of all sizes in a variety of countries. For those that qualify, becoming an authorized reseller can be achieved almost immediately. For more information on our reseller program or for our reseller application form, please contact: Partners@SoftwareDepotOnline.com.
Our authorized resellers provide customers with a local resource for installation, support and language issues involving our products. Our resellers also allow our customers to purchase in their own currency.

Why Become a Reseller?
As an authorized reseller of ours, you will receive substantial discounts on the web prices of our software and any required technical and customer support. Authorized resellers also receive a listing on our website reseller page with a link to their website. Participation in the Software Depot Online reseller program will help you to inc rease revenue and profits and build continuous revenue stream

Receive Not-for-Resale copies of our products, upon new releases.
Ongoing corporate communications.
Marketing materials - including datasheets, case studies, whitepapers, demos and more.
Product updates.
New Product Training.
Partner Only Website (coming soon).

How to Join
Joining our reseller program is simple. It requires the completion of our Reseller Application Form. Please contact us by filling out this form, and we will write back to you.

Reseller Dept. Contact Info
Email: Partners@SoftwareDepotOnline.com
Phone: +1.800.405.7125 (toll free) / 1.585.672.5458

To apply to be a Software Depot Online Reseller, simply fill in the Reseller Application Form
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